Vision Statement

To achieve a future that is strong in culture, opportunity, wealth and prosperity, for today and future generations, through active involvement in economic development, business ownership and employment creation for the Star Blanket Cree Nation.

Mission Statement

To operate within a long-term, wealth creation perspective rather than short-term profit perspective.



The Purpose of Red Dog Holdings Ltd. 

  • To generate revenues

  • To make a profit

  • To keep business separate from politics

  • To assist with the development of jobs and increase citizen employment

  • To be accountable and transparent to citizens

  • To reduce the risk to Star Blanket Cree Nation

  • To develop a future for our children’s children

  • To ensure open communication amongst the Board, Chief & Council, Elders and Citizens

  • To fund social programs on reserve

  • To ensure due diligence is performed on all investment opportunities

  • To be sustainable





Red Dog Holdings Ltd will support economic development and wealth creation through a process of systematic planning, community engagement, sound investment decisions, adherence to the highest standards of business practice, and through respect for Mother Earth and the environment.

2018 Red Dog Holdings LTD.